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Parker machine focuses on the development and manufacture of high-end industrial aluminum profiles for 20 years. It is the leading enterprise of China's intelligent equipment manufacturing industry to the international market, and has been serving the manufacturing fields of rail transportation, aerospace, automobile and ship, energy-saving door and window curtain wall and so on.
The leading products are aluminum, type steel processing center, door and window curtain wall processing center, CNC machining center and so on. The four axis machining center DMCC82 is the fastest processing center in the world.


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The products are mainly used in the manufacturing fields such as aircraft, rail traffic, automobile, photovoltaic, ship and so on. It can be used for deep processing of industrial aluminum profile drilling, drilling, tapping, cutting, cutting and so on.


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We promise free "turn key project" service, provide project consultation and feasibility, benefit analysis report, machine selection, workshop layout design, electrical resources configuration, production process schematic, generation engineering technicians, provide software technology training, free debugging equipment, on-site guidance production, until production. Full process service such as qualified products.
According to the size of production and the degree of automation, the corresponding reasonable equipment configuration plan is provided.
2. Key cities will be served 24 hours in a timely manner and 8 hours in the province.
Provide accessories for profile processing centers and aluminum cutting machines, products manufacturers and industry information.
Equipment spare parts fast supply.
Provide unscheduled tour services.
If the quality service is not satisfied, please give feedback to the general manager directly.
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