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"Industrial aluminum processing" subscribe number
"Industrial aluminum processing" subscribe number


Foreign trade salesman Overseas Undertakings Department Ji'nan 2018-06-25 20

Post duties

1. obey the distribution, obey the command and strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations and relevant regulations.

2. responsible for the procurement of raw materials, accessories, equipment and accessories.

3. collect, analyze, summarize and inspect supplier information;

4. responsible for checking the quality and quantity of purchased materials.

5. the purchase order must be confirmed by the warehouse to determine the exact number of purchases and ensure that the waste and shortage in procurement are reduced.

6. have the right to reject the purchase orders approved by the leaders at the end.

Tenure requirements

Education: college or above

Years of work: more than 2 years


Electronic Engineer Ministry of Technology The lower region of Ji'nan, Shandong 2018-06-25 2

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