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Wuxi Heng Fa curtain wall

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Parker machine service Wuxi Heng Fa curtain wall decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Parker machine service Wuxi Heng Fa curtain wall decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Client profile

"Hold the heart of eternity, develop the cause of development," which was founded in 1979 in Wuxi Hengfa Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd. for many years uphold the purpose. Up to now, with its steady style, rigorous management, professional technology and perfect sales mechanism, the company has not only created value for customers, but also won the market leader and the respect of its opponents. It has become the most dynamic and creative curtain wall leader with high growth and sustainable development in China. One of the military enterprises. The company is located in the scenic area of Taihu, and is located on the shore of the beautiful lake. The workshop and office area covers 168 mu, with a floor area of 65000 square meters. Among them, 20,000 square meters are specialized in purifying and injecting glue workshop and curing maintenance workshop for hidden frame curtain wall, 25,000 square meters are aluminum alloy doors and windows workshop and office area. The company has more than 1000 excellent equipment, 3 curtain wall production lines, 4 aluminum alloy doors and windows production lines, a series of advanced equipment so that the company has an annual production capacity of 1 million square meters of unit curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors and windows.

Production situation

Personnel: The company has 650 employees, 118 of whom have professional qualifications in the fields of engineering, accounting, statistics and economics. As a production technology-centric enterprise, the company has 58 senior technical secondary school personnel, including 28 senior engineers. The company implements a management system guided by humanism, establishes a "people-oriented" management concept, and implements a "good faith, pragmatic" code of conduct.

Customer evaluation

Evergreen Fat Curtain Wall Decoration: Zhu Zongheng Fat Curtain Wall from the beginning of the purchase of Parker Machine a device trial, and Parker Machine later became a long-term strategic partner, all relying on the strong technical strength of Parker Machine, and excellent product quality, help Evergreen Fat Curtain Wall to continue to complete difficult projects, willing to work with Parker Machine. Develop and create brilliance together. (from the user's most authentic feedback)

Authoritative evaluation

Authoritative Assessment: Parker Machine, Manager of Equipments Section Su, provides us with a lot of NC intelligent equipment, which makes the front-line production staff rely more on Parker Machine to fulfill orders. Parker Machine provides NC super-efficient cutting saw. The same working time efficiency is two-thirds faster than that of the products of the same trade. The product is stable and makes us more stable. Trust Parker machine.