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Look! The "carrier-based aircraft" in all of the aluminium CNC machining centers

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Automatic machining center with functions of milling, drilling, tapping, routing, chamfering, designed for various length of aluminum, copper, profile steel,etc.

With the speed and stability of the processing power, a lot of praise at home and abroad:

Parker High Speed Heavy Duty 3 Axis CNC Machining Center DMCC3S

Integrated machine structure of grade Q235A welding or epoxy resin sand foundry,with annealing and aging treatment,which ensures complete machine high stability. Integrated design of electrical cabinet and machine body makes transportation,installation,operation much easier,and the stability more higher.

Spindle adopts GELLS brand ( Taiwan ), equipped with 24 tools, neighboring tool change speed only 2.0 seconds .

Equipped with trace atomization cooling or recycle water cooling system, which can effectively protect and improve lifetime of milling drilling tools; equipped with oil-water separator, which can separate lubrication oil and improve lifetime of lubrication fluid.

Equipped with automatic protective safety door to ensure the safety of equipment operators, while preventing the waste spatter. And use the cable tank chain, all the guide rails, transmission rack and screw are all protected, effectively preventing outside dust coming into the machine. It also greatly improves the life of the transmission parts.

To ensure that the whole machine has the function of rigid tapping, the processing speed is fast and the tapping accuracy is high. The main spindle adopts the original Taiwan GELLS brand, the highest speed can reach 12000RPm, its performance and life are much higher than the similar products.

It adopts FANUC control system,simple operation, stability, high practicality, while the system configuration tool life management system, to facilitate the life of the tool management.

X,Y,Z axis max. positioning speeds can reach up to 60m、30m、30m/min.

It accepts global customer customization requirements, and ensures the following processing performance: