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A Grand Event for New Technologies and New Products-Parker Machine Meets You at Aluminum China in Shanghai

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With the implementation of national supply-side reforms and industry de-capacity policies, the concentration of aluminum industry continues to increase, new technologies and new materials continue to emerge and become applicable, and the trend of high-end development in the industry is increasingly evident.


Participating Leaders Visited Industrial Aluminum Processing Equipment Exhibitors

The 13th Aluminum China will be held on 11th  July at the W1-W3 Hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition will comprehensively display the new technologies, new materials, new products and new equipment of aluminum industry.


Parker machines continue to interpret the perfect interpretation of Industry 4.0 and high-end machining centers. This time, Parker Machinery will upgrade the high-end machining center in W3 Hall 3E01, and the main equipment of industrial aluminum deep processing will be unveiled. You will find one high efficient and accurate display of how to finish the industrial aluminum from original profiles designing, processing to final products.

Aluminum profile high-speed machining center It is mainly used for drilling, tapping and milling chamfering for window door, curtain wall, aluminum alloy profiles, rail transit, refrigeration parts, bathroom hardware, ship manufacture and repair, automobiles’ aluminum alloy castings, industrial aluminum, non-ferrous metals and light steel structural profiles, etc.


3 Axis Any Angle Cutting Saw with CNC   It is used for aluminum cutting of industrial aluminum, window door, curtain wall, which can realize more advanced function, such as optimize cutting.

Over the years, Parker Machinery has attached great importance to the research and development of new technologies and new products, and has continuously introduced high-performance, humanized equipment, which has been put on the market and has been well praised. More importantly, all these has created extremely substantial benefits for customers not only in society but also in economic.


Robot and Industry 4.0 are Perfectly Integrated into Industrial Aluminum Processing

Parker machines have been exported into more than 80 countries and regions around the world. Parker Machinery has great cooperation relationship with Alcoa, Canadian Aluminum, Dubai Aluminum, etc; Over the years, Parker Machinery has established strategy partnership with China CRRC, China Construction Group, Ao Run Shunda Group(Moser), Conglin Aluminum, Zhongwang Aluminum, Huajian Aluminum, and Alnan Aluminum, which promote the great development of all the industry.


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