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Small four axis CNC machining center for aluminum profile

Release time:2018-07-12 Amount of access:683

The moving speed can come to100000mm/min

Max processing speed can come to3000mm/min
It is the top-class in this industry!
“It is the fastest machining center in the world”
This is------

1, It is suitable for milling, chamfering and engraving on aluminum alloy profile, door and window, curtain wall aluminum alloy profile, slot hole, lock hole, special-shaped hole and so on.

2, Not only has the invention patent, makes the eight-knife-position tool library more beautiful, stable and accurate, but also can achieve rapid tool change.

3, With four-axis linkage and interpolation technology, can process pipe materials, achieve arc cutting.

4, Italy original HSD motorized spindle to provide more safe and efficient escort for user processing.

5,For arbitrary angle processing, either single machining or multiple cycles can be set freely to improve efficiency.

6.Dual positioning can be optional, users can process two jobs at a time, not only that, super-long work-piece is not a problem.

7.The fastest machining center in the world not only has a design patent, but also has a more humane configuration. All from the user's point of view, add identification DWG documents, equipped with special CAD-CAM software to meet the needs of more users.