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DMCC6 four axis CNC high speed heavy-duty machining center for aluminum profile

Release time:2016-09-12 Amount of access:474

1. Suitable for various industrial aluminium profiles and curtain wall aluminium profiles such as installation holes, flume, lock holes, shaped holes, end milling and other processing procedures.

2. Adopting the high-speed motorized spindle imported from Italy, it can finish machining at any angle of

3. Using high-quality industrial special computer control system, with good user interface, graphical programming and processing tracking interface, truly realize WYSIWYG.

4. Adopt high quality imported servo motor, ball screw, linear guide pair and bearing to ensure high machining accuracy.

5. With a 6-position tool library, automatic tool change (with a diameter of 80-150 milling cutter, adjacent two cutter positions are empty). With semi enclosed protective cover, the safety is greatly improved.

6, fixture location can be automatically placed (software support).