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Meeting with Chongqing Lijia Meeting-- Parker shares your intelligence and technology with you.

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With China becomes the world's largest aluminum producer, exporter and consumer, aluminum is increasingly used, especially in the aerospace, automotive, high-speed rail, and shipbuilding industries. The importance of industrial aluminum deep processing is self-evident.


Thus, the nation's most influential and professional international intelligent equipment exhibition (aluminum industry) - 2018 19th Lijia International Intelligent Equipment Exhibition (formerly Lijia International Machinery Exhibition) will be  held at the Chongqing International Expo Center in 9th to 12th May.


 Mr.Bingchang Yang(South China Marketing Director of Parker Machine)  accepted a special interview from Chongqing TV Station


With the industrial aluminum deep processing field tends to be extensive, industrial aluminum deep processing equipment is also driving innovation. As the founder of the advanced industrial aluminum deep processing equipment, Parker has continuously improved its core competitiveness for many years, from intelligent to assembly line,Parker brings a continuous and efficient experience for users.


Parker Machine Industrial Park (real shooting)


Parker machine users is more than 80 countries and regions , and has good  cooperation relations with  Alcoa, Canada Aluminum, Dubai Aluminum and so on ; Parker has reached strategic partnerships with  China CRRC, China Construction Group, Ao Run Shunda Group, Jungle Aluminum for many years Industry, Zhongwang Aluminum, Huajian Aluminum, and South-South Aluminum and so on,  to promote the development of the industry.


Parker machines continue to show the Perfect deduction of Industry 4.0 and high-end machining centers. In this exhibition, Parker machine upgraded the high-end machining center in S2 Hall-545, and the main equipment of industrial aluminum deep processing was unveiled. You will see an efficient and accurate display of industrial aluminum profiles from product design to production and processing to finished products.


High-speed heavy-duty machining center (BT40/50), gantry machining center... mainly is suitable for window and door , curtain walls, aluminum alloy profiles, rail transit, refrigeration components, bathroom hardware pendants, ship repair, automotive aluminum alloy casting  ,industrial aluminum, non-ferrous metals and light steel structural profiles,can drilling milling and tapping.


➤➤Aluminum profile heavy-duty CNC double head cutting saw is mainly used for  cutting industrial aluminum profiles, door and window curtain walls, and is more suitable for cutting large-size and aluminum composite corners